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Deer Park Community Advisory Council

Deer Park Community Advisory Council (DPCAC) builds a true partnership between Houston Ship Channel  industry and community in Deer Park, Texas  At meetings held 9-10 times a year, we provide a forum for candid conversation about industry-related issues of community interest or concern.

Open, honest dialogue makes plant members aware of what the community expects of them.  It helps community members understand what plants do and how they work.

The primary issues we address are environment, safety, health, security, emergency response and communications, and hazardous materials transportation.  We also discuss other quality of life issues like the economy and education.

DPCAC currently has 27 community members plus several Deer Park High School student members. They include individuals who live, work or attend school in Deer Park, and representatives of organizations and government entities serving Deer Park. 

Twenty plant members represent 15 industrial facilities in Deer Park, including chemical plants, a refinery, storage terminals, hazardous waste management firms, and related facilities. See DPCAC Plant Directory.

DPCAC celebrated its 25th Anniversary in March 2015.  Historical highlights were documented in a 25th Anniversary History booklet.

"Question of the Month" 

Q.  What is an OSHA recordable injury?

A.  OSHA, the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, regulates workplace safety for all of private industry, both goods-producing and service-providing. OSHA also has some data on safety in state and local government. A “recordable” is a work-related injury or illness that must be recorded on an OSHA log, which must be available if OSHA inspects. Fatalities must be reported, not just recorded, as must inpatient hospitalization, amputation, and loss of an eye. In simplest terms, an OSHA recordable is an injury requiring a doctor’s intervention. The range is wide. A recordable could be a simple as being given prescription medicine or as serious as surgery. The worst cases would be fatalities. Lost-time cases occur when the worker is unable to come to work. Restricted duty cases are those in which the person can work but not do his or her usual job. Other recordables are less serious injuries.  The OSHA recordable rate, used for all kinds of business, is based on 200,000 work hours, the number worked by 100 people in 12 months. The number of hours worked at a specific business affects its recordable rate.  In a big company, one injury may produce a rate of less than 1 per 100 injuries in a year.  In a small company, one injury results in a high rate. The chemical industry typically has better recordable rates than manufacturing as a whole and safer than education and health services.  Slides contain some comparisons of recordable rates.   (#5– September 2016 – Facilitator)

Read more Questions and Answers about Deer Park industry. 

Deer Park Community Advisory Council

Emergency Response to a Plant Incident and Related Communications: Who Does What? 
Oct. 24:  Response 
Nov. 28:  Communications

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Recent Topics

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